Based On A True Story: My Buddy Eric
This happened to my buddy Eric

I am both terrified yet fascinated by how technology works in this world

Must a movie be good? Is it not enough to see your childhood excitement, huge?

what happens when the truth is revealed to us? when we climb through a window & are confronted with it? we as humans are experts at hiding out pain — costuming it, burying it, shapeshifting it, minimizing it... but carrying it nonetheless. i’m not sure yet if this film felt like setting it down, or picking it back up again. all i know is how it left me. confronted. like a haunted house you can’t escape.

"I'm glad I watched it. It's very different. I would compare their relationship to online dating. It's kind of like they're both falling in love with the idea of falling in love with each other."
- My Mom

Not weird for weirdness's sake, but explores the terror of freedom. Our child hero is faced with the failure of all authorities, whether they are good, evil, and in-between. The universe, in all its wonders, is more off-putting than wondrous. Even God inspires little confidence, and we are left only with a faint hope for our great, confusing, and lonely struggle in the world.

Haunted houses are easily one of the scariest types of houses

badly written pointless mess of a movie Numerous plot problems, character motivation problems, pointless scenes, moments of convenient stupidity to advance the 'story' (not sure there's really a story here at all), with a whole bunch of "who cares/why am I supposed to care or be interested at all?" and then extremely distressing extended periods of distressed dogs barking and whimpering that made my skin crawl - this is not how you build tension, Franju 4.1/10

I love it when the dog smokes weed.

I’m not sure about the genuineness of the film, but you can’t deny the found footage which tells a ridiculously captivating story. One of my new favorite documentaries.


AN: fuk off HETEROS ok! todd haynes here with the next chapter of my david bowie/iggy pop fanfiction. im sorry i couldn't update but I was depressed. WARNING: SUM OF DIS CHAPTA WITH EWAN MCGREGOR IS XTREMLY NSFW. VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED.
PS im not updating til roger ebert gives me 10 good reviews!

While i was watching the movie i had no idea that it was based on a true story. It's devastating to see how society ignorane can ruin lifes. We need to respect each other's differences.

nooo don't kill yourself you're so sexy aha

Indeed, this movie had some unpleasant and depressing moments. But most of them only due to terrible acting and a story consisting exclusively out of stereotypes. Thus many scenes appeared unintentionally funny and in addition I never got the impression that the director had a clear idea what this movie should be. The result is either a good Coming-Of-Age film nor a really touching suicide drama.

it’s understandable for my generation of transsexuals to shy away from any sort of miserable trans story because our lives are so often stereotyped as miserable but there’s a clear difference between trans misery porn and like real empathy towards just how damn miserable it can be to be trans. even in the year 2021 when trans people are accepted and Joe Biden has pronouns in his bio or whatever it’s still miserable to be trans. it’s still miserable knowing that for every step you take towards becoming your authentic self, you potentially push yourself further and further into a corner of being viewed as an “outsider”, when all you want is to be loved and accepted. maybe i’m just pessimistic but a lot about my life would’ve been better if i hadn’t come out as trans when i was fifteen - i would have more friends, i wouldn’t have been fired from the one job i’ve ever had after a month, etc. it would just have been easier for me to exist in the world. and i don’t even have it all that bad. really i’m more or less destined to be a friendless weirdo and being trans is just one more thing adding to that. but i can’t help but wonder what could have been different.

A film that is disturbing and sad, but most definitely not for everyone. It is so disturbing to think that our realities are constructed by social and cultural norms. But someone can have control over your knowledge and autonomy if they isolate you from that. The mom’s description of what a zombies are is enough to make u shiver and feel gross discomfort. A must watch in my opinion, but not if u are uncomfortable with themes of extreme abuse (literally ALL types of abuse) and incest.

i’m just like him

yes this is my first time watching this... yes i cried like a baby bc this made me long for a childhood i didnt have... what did u expect?

I am going to keep this short and sweet. I know that this is a "film school" film. I know that as someone who is a fan of film, I should view this as a classic, and talk about it at length. "Oh mise-en-scene blahbudeeblu"... but I just can't. I don't like rape, and I don't like watching people drink milk.

Can handle animal mutilation but I draw the line at spaghetti and milk in a bathtub

If someone offers you milk with dinner like that's an acceptable beverage you can automatically assume they are mentally ill.

mom and dad are fighting :(

evidence that it only takes one therapy session for a pretentious teenage boy to stop idolizing their father

I’ve never felt such a reckoning with the shape of who we are, of what we love and what we leave behind.
Not much happens, instead of filling time with explosive flashbacks there is a slowness that wrings out every reason for letting go and disappearing, until you’re entirely spent, all over again. The only thing you can do is leave.
“I never felt like you were dead. I could always feel you walking around, talking, some place.”

where do i sign up for death?

this is like in the place of honor on my little gay cowboy movies shelf

This review may contain spoilers.

a purported clinical documentary on witchcraft and satanism drawn almost entirely in unhinged expressionist horror images including foggy subterranean lairs, women giving birth to hairy horned beasts, moody nighttime broomstick rides and general hysteria/torture that doubles as a timeless document on how fearmongering and religious imagery have been used throughout history as an excuse to torture women, even in times of supposed scientific enlightenment. has to be one of the most overtly grotesque movies made in this period including detailed accounts of medieval torture devices and on-screen baby sacrificing. i couldn't take my eyes off the incredible sets and costumes, especially when this goes full fire-and-brimstone, hellish nightmare painting imagery with pig men, skeleton horses, clawed demons and boiling cauldrons filled with people.

During this documentary we see a kid praying to her bowling ball, people praying to powerpoint presentations, a pastor using store bought bottled water as holy water, and hundreds of kids speaking tongues in front of a life-size cut-out of George W.Bush. And these are probably the lightest parts of the film. Utterly horrifying.

A well-constructed documentary that also serves as brilliant social commentary on Internet culture (particularly their dark side) and how people will go as far as they can to use anything for their own personal needs, even to the point where it causes an impact on every-day life. However, it also showcases the power of creativity, the benefits that can come from it, and how people can be willing to go as far as they can to rid the bad reputation of what they create in order to showcase its true colors. Really hope more people give this documentary a shot.

This happened to me too

Like it’s rly funny a lot but broooooooo so fuuuuucckkked up like its so funny and then just like disturbed mmno Also I feel like ppl think it’s quirky to like this movie bc it’s so fucked up but like I just think it’s fucked up so ok maybe if u can relate to the disturbing parts?? Then maybe it’s better? Ugh idk like the actors are so good and the script is very smart but I just ahhhhh like you wouldn’t want to watch this twice

finished it & was like “wow....” and then immediately made myself choke imagining a letterboxd review that was like “ummm bechdel fail!!!!”


Documentary about a very sexually driven cartoonist. Whenever someone says they were aroused by Bugs Bunny, you know you're in for an interesting documentary

This is the story of Bugs Bunny played for drama instead of comedy. And it works because as much as we love to laugh with Bugs Bunny we know in the back of our heads that he would be doomed in real life if he spoke to a hunter like that. The only reason it has bad reviews is because everybody saw it when they were a child and are holding the movie responsible for their parents being asleep at the wheel. I saw it when I was a child too, but I’m not a coward like you sorry lot.

“Did you ever find Bugs Bunny attractive when he put on a dress and played a girl bunny?”
Seen at the Alamo Drafthouse in Brooklyn.

THIS is how you do horniness in a kid's movie.

trading in one prison for another. the body rebels.

the mirror is my best friend because when i cry it doesn’t laugh - charlie chaplin

A film about the limits of cinephilia taken to complete comic absurdity, surrounded by the perfect text to do so.

What is a movie? What is a director? What is a story? What is a screenplay? What is an actor? What is a score? What is tone? What is a dream? What is love? What is wrong? What is right? What is going too far? What is getting answers to a question? What is a question? What is purpose? What is success? What is failure? What is reality? What is purpose? What is life? I don't know, man.

A good documentary, but the proceedings get uncomfortable with the fact that the subject are seriously mentally ill - are they just interesting characters worth following or are they being exploited? I'm not sure.

When the mob started to beat up that dude to a Daniel Johnston song, I thought I was hallucinating. I don’t know how to feel, other than dirty. Hypnotically powerful, but so far from being a good time. And yet, isn’t there something appealing about teenage hedonism? I mean, not like fuckin’ this, but, in some relative zone? Camerawork is amazing, performances are out of this world (every. single. person.), and the script is too smooth... like it feels like it just had to be real, and the fact that it’s not (by all accounts it’s very loyal to the script) is more scary. Ew.

You will never grow up. You will never fit in. The world will grow around you and everyone else will grow to fit it, but you won’t be able to. You can’t rebel against the world because it’s too big. And the other people rebelling against the world don’t like you anyways. You won’t understand anyone else and no one else will understand you. You will ruin your own life. You will ruin everybody else’s, too. And you will never escape.

best movie i’ve ever seen. it has everything: love, laughter, friendship, vampires, rampant homoeroticism

This was way deeper than I remembered. How this movie is able to combine stories about greediness and corporate hungry assholes with a story about a hero becoming more than himself is amazing. It looks goofy for sure but that’s the point. A film with a whole lot of heart, a masterpiece.

didn’t delve deep enough into the psyche of the rich man but i have to say i understand his feature choices on a soulful level. what a cool guy. this man could have conquered the world but instead he just did dope shit

I liked it when Eric goes "It smells like po-po.”

This film is an evil spell. It seeps slowly into you and over you and through you with poisonous, hallucinogenic smoke. Its pulses and rhythms of unending violence render bludgeon you, while its electronic music spirals you surreally above yourself. It is a staring into the void, but there is no end to it. It is many things, and I have no idea how to rate it, as conventional senses of quality really have no place with a film like this. It is profoundly repugnant and yet also seems somehow a pinnacle. Anything I have to say here will be insufficient. Like a satanic amplification of the killed rabbit in RULES OF THE GAME, the tortoise scene is the film's evil heart. And as deeply as I appreciate Grindhouse's considerate disclaimer disavowing the behavior and their animal-cruelty free version option — the film's rotting flesh is wrapped around that documentary momen. It isn't justified. It is pure evil. But it is integral. It should remind us not only of our own violence against each other, but of the real-world animal holocausts we perpetuate to this day. Found footage activists routinely procure material just like this. This isn't a film to "like" — it appears to me. I would like to believe that in a better world, for us "children of the space age," a film like this would absorb our evils and burn them away. Smoke them out of us. And then we would look upon the tortoise as a fellow-creature and disavow not the film, but our violent actions forever. And we would renounce flesh-eating as a way of life. One realizes that Ruggero's surname is Deodato — God given. If black magic becomes white magic when compassion springs from the abyss, the real evil is to look away.

We care for them so much

You have the right to be in here. You have the right to be happy in here and You have the right to live in here as you wish…

preparation of the ritual ground
dirt leather oil chains
cat hair skulls smoke
Dear Jesus:

I hope you can help me understand. My boyfriend whom I love dearly isn't in love with me. He's in love with Death and its avatars on this earth, especially Marlon Brando, James Dean and Adolf Hitler. He is kind of into you, but kind of not, I guess that makes sense because you are all about eternal life but you did die pretty gruesomely? When we hang out all he wants to do is read comix and get high and rearrange his outfits for hours before we can go out to the Halloween party or the motorcycle race. I have a feeling he isn't really paying attention to me and would be doing all this stuff whether I was there or not. I should tell you that my boyfriend is really really into motorcycles, almost as must as he is into death. I love death too, she is SO BEAUTIFUL but I don't court her the way he does. He armors himself in her and in the darkness which surrounds her, which extends from her and far into her, an impenetrable aura so the opposite of blinding that maybe aviator shades at night will help to see into the vast dark. Part of him lives there with her always and I have to admit I am kind of jealous. Not of Death Herself because that doesn't make sense but here I am trying to make time with him and all he has is eyes for her. I know he is thinking of her when we make love, and jesus, that part is So Amazing and Fierce but he is somewhere else and not with me and I wonder what movies are going on behind those glasses. Any advice you could give me would be much appreciated but don't tell him I was asking because sometimes he gets weird about the fact that you and I talk sometimes and he goes on about how he could totally beat you in a motorcycle race and I reassure him that that is so true because honestly Jesus it probably is, no offense intended. I have covered myself in the Holy Blood Of The Lamb but I don't feel any purer but I do feel kinda turned on, is it ok that I say that to you? I am never clear on if you are just listening to all of this or if you are secretly judging me and you will come back 2000 years from now on fire and holding a sword that is also on fire which seems really extra and condemn me to a lake of fire for eternity which gosh that is A LOT of fire! I am getting turned on again just thinking about this but I don't know if that is what you intended? I can't help it I like who I like! Sometimes when he is asleep I put on all of his rings and scarves and I wear his motorcycle jacket and I pretend to be him in the mirror and it confuses all of the cats if they are even paying attention but they meow at me like what are you up to and I just let it go and acting like he is me is the biggest turn-on of all because then for real we can be as one at least a little more and I carry his picture in my wallet and pull it out all throughout the day and look at it and look at him looking at me. We are so in love! Jesus I feel like you aren't really listening or maybe you are just distracted. I am sure you have a lot going on too. Anyway, thank you for being my friend in all of this? I wish you would give me some more feedback sometimes but maybe it is better this way. Night is starting to fall and my boyfriend is going to wake up soon but for right now I just want to lay down next to him and hold him and feel him breathing and pretend that we are both draculas in a crypt and soon we will rise and spread our wings over the earth. You would know something about that right? It feels SO GOOD! Goodbye for now.

Your Friend,

American youth send to the grinder. So vile, so pure. When I was younger I used to complain that the kids are just so annoying and ready to be turned into meat and that is still true but feels more and more like part of the point. The real horror here is the complete lack of retribution, evil remains evil untreatened and total by the final shot, no attempt to redeem anything, to give us any cathartic release beyond our participation in the carnage that just happened.

this happened to me last tuesday funnily enough